Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Still waiting for things to fall into place to make things happen. But another kink was thrown into play. As I have not been accepted into a teacher preparation program as of yet, I have pretty much missed the coursework that I could have taken this month. I thought I would have missed the big series of classes in July as the registration deadline was initially on the last day of May, but I went online trying to sort out what classes I would have to take, and discovered that they moved the July classes registration deadline to July.

Yesterday while at work as I was breaking down all the equipment from my workshop, a manager casually inquired about my work availability. Noting I was not aware of the majority of my classes being wiped away for the month and knowing that I pretty much missed the ball for July - I pretty much recited my official availability that is on record. No Sundays...need to be off by x time in the afternoon on x and x weekday. I had to be non-committal on this - there will be a handful of Saturdays where I cannot work in the afternoon until x in the evening. For what I do now...this is workable. But did I mention that the manager is one that is a decision-maker for that work position I interviewed for last week? In this particular position, the primetime is in the morning and afternoon...including Saturdays. The fact that this manager asked this particular question pretty much signals that this could be a deal-breaker, or perhaps more of a sudden death round in this quest for the position I have been seeking for so long.

More and more, this is what I see forming for the next few months: If I am accepted, it will likely be too hectic/late/impossible/stressful to locate an internship as a teacher of record in a classroom starting in August. I could do the Clinical Teaching Experience, CTE, (alternative certification version of student teaching) but I would only do this if I remained PT at my current job as I would be in the classroom during the first half of the school year. I would probably not do this, because it would not be paid, and I actually have to pay around $3000 to do this (at least with the internship, the $3000 or so would be deducted monthly from the paycheck you receive as a teacher). So realistically it would look like me staying in my current job through yet another Black Friday and Holiday, allowing me to stockpile some funds so that I can complete the CTE during the Spring half of the school year, complete it with flying colors, and pass tests to become a fully certified teacher in time for finding a position for the next school year.

Of course, this all depends on getting the next big anticipated email/letter that says, "accepted".

Now to light some fires under some people's I can get closer to that word.

I know He is in charge, and overall I am not worried, but I just need to find peace in the anticipation and take this waiting time to acknowledge all of the blessings in just getting to this point.

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