Sunday, July 21, 2013

Where does the time go?

Here I am typing on what seems like a Sunday night, even though it is a Monday morning, and I cannot help but wonder how I will ever get to bed at a decent time before the school year starts in about a month. It is about a 40-45 minute drive to my school, and it will be a longer commute on the days that I am sure to take little girl to daycare. It is funny to think that on days that I do not take her to daycare but rather pick her up after school, I will essentially drive around an entire lake.

Besides, I am keeping myself busy these nights. It is so easy to stay awake and get things done as little girl is asleep and demanding less of my attention. If I am not at work (which can easily be to blame for these late night musings as I need a good two hours or so to decompress after a closing shift) I find myself getting ideas for classroom setup (ah! how do I ever plan on acquiring these things!) or losing myself in knitting patterns (I've been delayed temporarily until I can a good length circular needle set, husband picked up the only one he could find, and it was way to long to effectively knit a matching hat for the scarf I finished off for Lily yesterday). Tonight I typed out my letter of resignation for Plano, and I plan to stop by the school tomorrow, as the new principal should be in, to get a form signed and get my resignation letter and form sent off - and turn in my badge. I am trying to determine whether I ought to email a short note to the school, because many of them have been supportive of what I want to do and have expressed hope that I would come back next year. I would need to send that out before I lose access to my school email. Perhaps that is something I can burn evening hours on tomorrow.

18 more days to go at my technology job...then it gets real.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Page turning...

Despite my long absence from this blog, I am slightly relieved that I did not let it get to a whole year between posts. I am not going to make too many excuses, because priorities in one's life changes as does the paths and opportunities that one may have. Just a list of what has happened in my life since my last post.

1) I did not get any interviews last year for teaching jobs, so it is no surprise that
2) I did not find a teaching job last year.
3) I remained part time at my technology retail job although I tried, and was assured that I would become full-time
4) Never went full-time at my technology job, but right when I was losing hope about financial security...
5) I was called up one night in February to come and interview for a paraprofessional job at an elementary school as a Special Education Assistant that was being held the next morning
6) Rocked the interview and went full-time as a para for Plano ISD as well as worked part time at my other job
7) Got little sleep because of handling both jobs, but I loved the experience
8) Interviewed twice for teaching jobs in Plano ISD but did not come into fruition because of personnel changes/lack of teaching experience
9) As July 2013 came upon us, I went a little more aggressive in my teaching pursuits, emailing principals immediately after applying for jobs online
10) Was called in to interview at a 3A school, and had a great interview
11) Received a call that afternoon (earlier than what was expected) offering me a 6th grade Math teaching position

...and now the real work begins, and truly it appears now that my days are numbered at my technology job (which I honestly think boosted my chances of getting the teaching job, because they are very big on integrating technology into the classroom, and I actually may be implementing a flipped classroom).I'm actually going to a flipped classroom professional development next week, and I keep telling myself I need to get re-acquainted with paper and pencil so I can jot down everything that is going through my brain lately.

We are also in our driest months financially, with my husband still working part time at the church. He has been working hard on his own career change by studying as much as he can to pass the second of many exams (he passed the first one last May) to become an actuary. He has some leads, has had one phone interview that did not develop past that first interview and I am hoping he is keeping faith in himself.

Our daughter is doing well, I always wish I had more time and energy to spend on her - and she is becoming so independent, no longer a baby anymore as she can communicate with us and develop her own thoughts about things.

As I mentioned before, it seems that I have a growing list of things to accomplish before I can even begin to feel comfortable teaching - looking for materials and ideas to make my empty classroom a welcome and engaging environment where students want to learn.

I just wanted to give you an update as I hope to be more active on this site, although I always say that and I am starting up another blog where I can reflect on my life in education so that colleagues, students and parents have access to my thoughts and reflections.

I hope everyone is doing well!