Tuesday, June 19, 2012

...and now we wait, again.

...but getting to this point has left me feeling...

I actually got her to say "Cheese!"

I received a text from the person who was holding the third and last recommendation form for the Teacher Preparation and Certification program. "I just sent it." are probably the happiest string of four words I saw today. Of course, I wasn't completely relieved until I saw that it had cleared TPC and its receipt was confirmed on their site. I got an extra little boost when the professor that had submitted the second recommendation sent a secondary response saying he gave me the highest commendation he could think of. God definitely knows the destination and puts the right people in our lives at the right times.

This step has passed, but now we wait for whether I will be accepted into the program. This should take 7-10 days, so hopefully and likely it will not be as much as a hair-pulling experience the last month has been with waiting for recommendations to become completed.

The rest of my day was not as productive as the morning, as in not getting more cleaning done. Little girl's clothes did get their deep washing - when I've had enough of the sighing over the stains that linger still after washing them, and get them soaking in hot water with the Oxi-clean and scrub scrub scrub. I even had to pull out the bleach on a couple of items. So they are in a regular laundry cycle. I keep forgetting that I need to pack, as the two of us will be traveling on Thursday. Husband must stay behind to finish out the musical and get paid.

On the technology front, I'm starting to realize that my six-year old MacBook is showing its age. Just trying to load the above picture, the hard drive had to do three passes to even acknowledge the folder. I will definitely be in the market for a new laptop this year, and although the new Retina Display MacBook Pros are nice, they are more than I will need. The MacBook Air updates are now better contenders to the MacBook Pros that I was primarily considering before last week's keynote. In about a month, I will be in a better position to realistically consider the purchase process and we can see where we are at.

Until next time...

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