Thursday, August 27, 2009

See-Through Diet a No Go

Since I was so sick yesterday, my mom suggested that I stick to a "see-through" diet...if I can't see through it, it's not being eaten. Christopher bought chicken soups (torture, because I can't eat the noodles or chicken), 7-Up, and Jell-O last night. The remainder of the night I completed one of my assignments for the online sociology class and started reading the first chapter. I soon conked out...

This morning I tried to eat some more chicken broth, and not even five minutes later it found its way out. I was in the middle of getting ready for work so I attempted to call in. Called the Manager-On-Duty phone, no answer, so I left a message. I even typed up and sent an email. I fall back asleep (the only time I don't feel sick). Fifty minutes later the phone rings "Melissa, where are you, you were supposed to be here ten minutes ago!" Of course, no one checked the voicemail or the email...I even tried to call the other line to the store, but since we don't open until 8am, either no one answers it b/c they think it's a customer, or it doesn't physically start ringing until 8. I mention what's going on (without giving too much information about the pregnancy) and they're okay (I think).

My newest can I still be sick if I haven't even eaten anything? This is what is scaring me the most right now. I tried to call my OB, but they sent me to her nurse's line where I left a voicemail...and that was over an hour ago. The allergist yesterday mentioned there might be something they can prescribe to combat this beast of nausea.

I hope I can keep my "sessions" down to a small number, I'm already at 2 for the day :(

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting Worse Before it Gets Better?

This is what the doctor warned me about...and I thought I was sick at six weeks...10 1/2 takes it to the bank.

Couple that with headaches, and the other things going on in my life (namely, trying to get an interview for a new position at the store and starting two online classes which one will likely kick my butt), and you have not only "morning sickness" (which doesn't happen only in the morning), but life sickness.

I haven't told my store manager yet, in fact the only member of management that knows is the one that is most in tune with her employees, because she noticed I was "off color" a couple of weeks ago and was concerned but of course, now excited.

Today I had two appointments: One for an allergist because of my freak reaction to some peanut butter sandwich cookies three weeks ago and the other was a follow-up for my first root canal that I had in February. Both the appointments ran short. The allergist said that my reaction is from a chemical reaction and went into telling me that my pregnant self would have different reactions to things and that it was best to avoid additives and keep hydrated as much as possible. When I went to see the endo, the assistant was getting me ready to take x-rays when I mentioned my "situation" She left the room to consult with the doctor, then came back and told me I was good to go because I wasn't having any complications. We got there at 1:50 and left at 2:10....very quick day, I wish I had called and mentioned it and probably would not have used the gas to get there. I would have also been spared the bumpy roads to get there, which didn't help with my (so far) two dates with the porcelain god today. No wonder my head is hurting...

...I am so looking forward to the second trimester, they say it goes away...I so want to believe them...