Wednesday, June 20, 2012

...but not for long

I should have been checking my email before I went to work, instead of dealing with the calm but agonizing wait process. When I came home, I decided to check the website to see if the submission checklist had changed, not expecting to see anything else, but was shocked to see a different screen revealing the word acceptance and then the almost equal shock of paying a pretty hefty acceptance fee in my daze.

I was accepted into the program. Now the next whirlwind begins. Did I mention that God definitely has his hand in ALL of this? Here's why: All along I knew there was going to be an acceptance fee, and I just kind of had a tiny seed of strong faith that we would overcome it when we got to that point, if we ever got to that point. These last couple of weeks have given us a financial beating because Dear Husband has not been teaching lessons since school is out for the summer. So you can imagine the tiny plummet of my gut when I saw the acceptance fee, I thought I would have a few more days to contemplate that barrier. But did I mention this story - less than two months ago, we had to get our G3 serviced because of some stallings in the engine while driving, and in the end we had to pay close to $490 to get it repaired as it was something outside our warranty (and some yadda yadda about not getting is serviced at X miles, we have never had a new car, so servicing the car at x miles is foreign to us). Well, then we get notice (well, my in-laws get a notice, because it is in their name) that there is a recall on pretty much the parts that we had to get service on. So we try to get our money back...but we didn't take it in on time with the servicings and so are only entitled to $X amount. So my father-in-law, who has the check in his name anyways, decides to reason with them. They cannot come to an agreement, so the check stands at 3/5 of the original amount. Dad cashes the check, and then writes us a check...for exactly $500. We are so blessed by his generosity. This check was written out the same day I find out about being accepted, and that the amount to continue with the program is that exact figure.

But I know that He ransomed us for heaven, so why should I be surprised by this non-important amount that came on the wings of faith? Moments like this reaffirm that I am on His intended path, and I hope and pray that I do not go astray.

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