Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just one more

On my quest to get all of my requirements for application screening complete, I finally heard back yesterday from one of my professors that he would be happy to endorse me for this program. I submitted his information late last night, Region 10 sent it out around 8am, and the professor completed it before 9am. It is amazing what timely response can do for the spirit. I am now either waiting for one of the original references to submit her form, or for another professor to step out of the shadows and accept to recommend me.

Maybe I should consider one of my lab instructors as a possible reference?

As far as this morning has come along, I got the tires rotated and balanced as well as the oil changed and air filters replaced, all within an hour, and before 10am. Now that I've been home...I have spent an hour doing little, except start some research on air filters. I never seem to have the luck that when I must replace a filter or other seemingly unimportant auto part, my car always have the more "specialized" (i.e. expensive) component that never matches the price of the marquee list of services of the facility. It wasn't so rare that they had to run to an auto parts store. Afterwards, I was texting to my husband that I wonder if any cars use the listed $15 filter or if most cars are "special" like mine.

Now that it is 11am, I feel I must make the most of my day off and get things ready for when little girl and I leave for my old hometown on Thursday. I probably need to send a couple of emails regarding what is planned for this weekend. It is a bummer that I have to leave earlier than desired on Sunday in order to make it to a work meeting, but I will take what I can get.

Still no word on the other work-related game changer, as they are trying to get through another task before they decide. His Timing is perfect, I must always remember that.

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