Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crickets chirping

Nothing of real interest to report at this time. I guess it would be more accurate to say that I cannot think too much about what is going on out there in the real world of teacher hiring because all I see is the steadfast decline of jobs on the teacher job network and no real "fresh meat" to work with now. I did finally get a very kind rejection letter from a school not too far from here. So I guess it is nice that they are receiving my application...yes?

...and of course that mere thought sparks my panic mode, because I have not received a rejection letter from other schools, perhaps there is still a chance??!? I should know better.

However, I am more ready now, I finally got a haircut yesterday (Tuesday) and even had my first experience with eyebrow eyebrows are still slightly sensitive from the journey. Perhaps it is better to feel like someone is scraping a multi-toothed fork across your brow, than to feel a soothing hot goop only to be quickly stunned by ripping pain. They say waxing decreases elasticity in your skin...and I might be willing to try the threading out again, but perhaps with someone else who doesn't hover over you and reminding you of all the other facial services she provides...and if I need my upper lip, I don't think so?

I even bought some clothes...and I'm trying not to feel guilty for spending money. This is especially so because I just had to buy some new hot rollers because the hot rollers that I have owned for years decided to up and disappear the one day, of a year or so, that I need them. If I had an interview after my haircut yesterday, I would have been super confident with the whole "throw my head back and let my locks fall into the right place" performance. Today was back to, "I'm hot and my hair is frizzed out, so hello again, elastic."

Right now I am waiting for some software to download and then to bed for an early wake-up. I need to find some tangible routine...

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