Thursday, August 2, 2012

...tiny disturbances...

I have only received three form rejection letters from schools. My only ray of hope is that I applied to more positions from these ISDs, but I have not received any calls. Of course, these are school districts of whose policy I understand. For example, there are three band director positions with one of these school districts. This particular school district I have a good pulse on because my in-laws work in this school district. I already know that these positions have been filled as of this past Saturday. So I'm slightly surprised when one gets posted today, even though the position was filled a few days prior. They post the jobs as a courtesy, but it is sad because they could be missing out on some excellent prospects (not saying that those that are filling the positions are less than excellent!), but there is always the chance.

It is now August. It is miserable outside and where did July go to? Some schools start their new teacher academy next Monday, with most schools having their basic first Staff Development in two weeks. I have a schedule at my current position through then.

Realistically, I need to start considering the options of the student teaching option for next spring. If I recall correctly, Region 10 starts interviewing people for those spots in September. I am trying to keep busy, and with all the coursework I am completing for Region 10, plus taking TWO math classes at Collin, this should not be hard to accomplish. I am taking math classes to try to defer my student loan payments some more, as well as take advantage of a state grant that I qualify for, which I need to be enrolled in six hours to qualify. One of them is online, and the other only happens on Monday nights (so this would not be a major burden for retail hours).

I have applications throughout the major ISDs in the area, except for Dallas (and anyone in the teaching field probably knows why) and Frisco (because you have to know the right people on the inside and I also have just not had time to complete it). Although I think I would prefer teaching in a small town, one never knows when the elementary school just one block away might need someone to teach there (very wishful thinking).

I am trying to maintain this blog at least once a week, which now means not allowing ten days to lapse between posts. As I am not planning lessons or classroom layouts, there is not much else for me to do besides keeping up with my Region 10 coursework.

In other news, Hulu Plus now works on AppleTV and this equals very dangerous addictions impending. I am already into the tens with episodes of Once Upon a Time in less than 48 hours. Think of me :)

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