Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011

Curious to see how far I will go into the blog-osphere this year.  I guess my excuses will fall to, "I'm tired after working all day", "My daughter takes up my free time", "I had to do the laundry"...  But then on the other hand, those "excuses", or experiences are what will add to a fruitful, yet boring, blog.

Today was a great step toward feeling more invigorated and productive.  Since two days ago, I was really wanting to rearrange the massive living area that makes up our living room.  Before today, we had closed off part of the space with the couch to make two spaces; living and office.  Since Lily has been showing off her new skill of free standing (going from a sitting to standing position without pulling herself up on anything) whenever she can, be it the living room floor, or couch, or Mommy and Daddy's bed - we figured that the walking milestone is even closer.  So I pushed the Great Wall of Living Room couch against the wall which opened up the entire space.  Now Lily can walk her dragon toy from one end to the other.  Now to tidy up said cluttered room.

We also were fortunate enough to catch up with a couple of dear friends for dinner.  We haven't seen Owen and Amanda for several months.  Owen babysat Lily for about an hour when there was a crazy overlap in schedules a few months ago, and Amanda has been busy being on call and doing what doctor's do, so the last time she saw Lily was probably when she was around two months old?

I am going to pause at this, because tomorrow morning is another day at the saltmines...and Baby Girl will be waking in a few hours as well...

Until next time, but hopefully that next time will not be in 2012...

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