Monday, September 28, 2009

15 weeks!

So I am officially in the 2nd trimester. Supposedly this is the calm before the storm and after the storm of the 1st trimester. I still get nauseous, but it has become more of a "mind over matter" concept. I have to stop myself from gagging, because even something is starting to come back up when I have the most innocent of gagging episodes.

The test results from the NT scan were great, next ultrasound will be on Oct. 26th. This is when we will find out if we're having a boy or girl (if baby cooperates of course).

I am not yet to the phase where I have cravings...the thought of food can still make me sick, but I was so pleased to actually enjoy a salad the other day. For the nearly the last ten weeks, healthy food has made me (among other things of course) want to hurl. I'm sure "little one" is in for a treat on the nutritional side.

My biggest problem (now that nausea is diminishing) is sleeping at night. I'm not carrying any obvious weight in the front, but I do experience some discomfort if I end up sleeping on my stomach. I try to sleep on my side, but I toss and turn so much trying to get into a good position. I am holding out on making a purchase of the various pillows because there are three different types, and I want to be sure to get the right one and not "throw" money away.

I am also holding out on purchasing maternity clothes. I'm good on the t-shirt front, and actually, my jeans are falling off of me. I think because they slide off my stomach and end up being "low rise" jeans...

I'm probably crazy, but I think I felt a flutter last week...but it could have just been gas. I'll keep you updated on that...

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