Tuesday, September 1, 2009

11 weeks, 2 days

To follow up from my last post, I did finally get a hold of someone at my doctor's office. They were of course concerned so they prescribed me some anti-nausea medicine and to get the fluids in me, otherwise they were going to admit me to the hospital the next morning. After taking the first pill, it was an amazing difference. I can even take my prenatal vitamins without throwing up - before I would skip every other day and not take one of them because of the smell.

I still get small waves of nausea, but I am now taking the medicine as needed. I finally moved from just crackers, to crackers/cheese, and now can eat a package of Lunchables. Exhaustion is the other thing I'm battling...but when the baby is about the size of a lime and my body hasn't quite adjusted, it is expected.

Online class is not quite kicking my butt, but I'm catching up on my two days off (today and tomorrow). I need post a response for this week and then I should probably crack open the book for Economics...

Other than that, I'm going to try to eat some homemade vegetable soup tonight...Please send good thoughts that I can eat it and keep it down!

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