Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Close call pacified

I'm trying to be good about posting about what is going on, but it is crazy when you work full time, are "in school" part time, and growing a baby (another full time job if you ask me).

The only big things that have been going on, besides a looming feeling that I am going to be conquering morning sickness soon, have been scary.

On Friday, while at work I was noticing that I was not feeling 100%...not even 80%. And to avoid TMI, I felt like I was about to start my period...even that "did I just start and not be as prepared as I could be". Finally get to go to lunch and go to the bathroom. I was spotting like on my first day of my period. Trying to remain calm, but obviously panicked I try to call my doctor (but of course it was 5:30pm, they were closed for the LONG weekend) and I got the answering service where they get your information and send that to an OB on call. I get my callback and the doctor tells me to go home and get my feet up and relax. My work day get cuts short...I'm definitely not going to complain. Get home, get some rest.

TMI alert: (read next paragraph). The next morning, I wake up and go to the bathroom where I find a nice big blood clot...of course I examine it looking for any baby parts or tissue...just a clot.

I call the doctor with my latest development (after consulting with my mom) early early in the morning. It was the same doctor from the day before and she sounded like crap, she had a long night and was trying to get some sleep. She reassures me that what I found was normal and an indicator that I was doing exactly what she asked of me, for which I jokingly chastised her for not giving me any warning. She wants me to stay in from work on Saturday (funny, because I've been wanting a Saturday off for quite some time, but of course, not like that).

Bleeding ceases, and my worries fade somewhat - especially after throwing up a couple of times on Monday (my only peace of mind that I just might still be pregnant) and fast forward to Tuesday's appointment.

Everything looks great! We got a "peace of mind" sonogram from our scare over the weekend and got to be "mean" parents for the first time: Technician checked for heartbeat and we listened to it again, but baby would not move...baby was sleeping. So we tap at my lower abdomen trying to wake up the little bean (more like the size of a peach now) and it slowly comes to and we saw its little arms moving in front of its face as to say "Leave me alone!" and it did a couple of somersaults and turned away from view a couple of times. I'm afraid this baby is going to be a grouchy sleeper like its father. If Christopher is sleeping, and you try to wake him up...maybe because he fell asleep on the couch and you're trying to get him to get up and go to bed...he gets all sorts of grumpy.

Tomorrow we will have a level 2 sonogram to complete the Nuchal Translucency screening. It will be a more detailed sonogram at a different facility and they will do some early screening to test a couple of things, i.e. the size of the baby's neck which can indicate the chance of baby having Downs, spina bifida, any neural tube defects, or other early developmental problems. Hopefully baby will be a little more active tomorrow, but not too active to where they can't get any good measurements. Send good thoughts our way! :)

Chris scanned today's sonogram, so I will try posting that on here too.

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