Friday, August 9, 2013

now what...

So I officially left Apple yesterday. I don't think the whole reality of leaving such an organization has hit me yet. I did try to sign in to double check my timecard and it produced "user is inactive" message. I sometimes feel like I didn't make a real impact especially to my co-workers, but I felt my time there was validated from a difficult moment two days ago. I was at the end of presenting my last workshop, and the attendees were in the process of gathering their belongings and a couple of them were asking when my next workshop was because they really enjoyed my classes - and I had to break the truth to them. They were both upset but happy because they say I'll make a great teacher.

I have to have those words resonate in my mind more often, because now I am trying to wrap my mind around the reality of school will start in about two weeks, I will meet some of my students and parents in exactly two weeks. I don't have access to my classroom yet, and I have no materials to get a classroom ready. I want to do a flipped classroom, so I have to organize all of those resources and start making videos, for the purpose of finding out the best way to make the videos. But before all of that, I need to work on lessons/videos related to the flipped classroom and global web citizenship (I need to remember to bring that up with fellow teachers so we can all be on board with getting our students ready to start being safe on the internet).

How many anxiety attacks can one safely have in a day?

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