Sunday, July 21, 2013

Where does the time go?

Here I am typing on what seems like a Sunday night, even though it is a Monday morning, and I cannot help but wonder how I will ever get to bed at a decent time before the school year starts in about a month. It is about a 40-45 minute drive to my school, and it will be a longer commute on the days that I am sure to take little girl to daycare. It is funny to think that on days that I do not take her to daycare but rather pick her up after school, I will essentially drive around an entire lake.

Besides, I am keeping myself busy these nights. It is so easy to stay awake and get things done as little girl is asleep and demanding less of my attention. If I am not at work (which can easily be to blame for these late night musings as I need a good two hours or so to decompress after a closing shift) I find myself getting ideas for classroom setup (ah! how do I ever plan on acquiring these things!) or losing myself in knitting patterns (I've been delayed temporarily until I can a good length circular needle set, husband picked up the only one he could find, and it was way to long to effectively knit a matching hat for the scarf I finished off for Lily yesterday). Tonight I typed out my letter of resignation for Plano, and I plan to stop by the school tomorrow, as the new principal should be in, to get a form signed and get my resignation letter and form sent off - and turn in my badge. I am trying to determine whether I ought to email a short note to the school, because many of them have been supportive of what I want to do and have expressed hope that I would come back next year. I would need to send that out before I lose access to my school email. Perhaps that is something I can burn evening hours on tomorrow.

18 more days to go at my technology job...then it gets real.

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