Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bad fishing

I state this because I have had no bites on the job search. I'm so excited about a potential classroom, but because I am generalist, I do not even know which direction I would go if I little time to prepare a room. I'm already excited about joining another professional organization that relates to teaching in the digital age. Given where I currently work and my background in executing technology based trainings, teaching and technology go hand in hand.

So far today I applied for three different teaching positions at two school districts. I just have to keep on keeping on.

Please send prayers and thoughts our way as my husband is having to deal with uncertainty on the job front. He interviewed to teach students at one of the high schools in our hometown ISD, and found out yesterday that he won that spot, gaining a good number of students to teach privately next year. He has been holding out for a full time spot at the church he has worked at for over a year with part time hours. The new boss says that he values my husbands work but he will not budge on making him full time, even though he is filling in for a full time position that was supposedly filled over a month ago. He wants to and would rather continue with this music ministry, but with an increase of students in his studio to support his family which has no benefits and holding out for a full time church position with the music ministry which does have benefits...there is a lot of uncertainty where God wants us to go. At this point, it seems best to go for the route that takes care of his family more. I do not know what to tell him - if I knew, then I wouldn't be raving and ranting on this blog and searching for more fulfillment in my life.

It becomes ever more clear that my days with my company are coming to a close. Perhaps I am tired of doing lots of different things, but no acknowledgement comes my way but acknowledgement goes out everywhere else to others. Next week I know that I am doing at least five workshops over three days because no one else is comfortable in doing them. Less obscure is my theory of limited development coming my way, as they are sending other people through a development program (again) who may not be in the best interest of doing said job. Only a handful of people know where I am on my journey, and I know they are heartbroken when I mention that I have not heard about anything. I know that I have not gotten through all I have over the last 18 months to stop at this...but what else can I do right now that I'm not already doing?


  1. Knowing that you have so much interest/experience with technology and training, have you considered getting into instructional design/e-learning? I know that you are creative enough, and there are elearning jobs in every industry, including K-12. Food for thought!


    1. It is actually one of my long term goals. The concept of instructional design is definitely intriguing and I am starting to lay the groundwork down to reach a similar path. My goal about a year ago was to obtain a certification to teach. My hopes are to teach for a year while taking classes and then see how close I am to working on a Masters degree in Instructional Design.

      With some people with their "feelers" out for teaching jobs to fulfill my internship (it stinks that I have already put money into this venture) they have found jobs that I would be better suited for given my experiences. To complete this program, I have to find a teaching position that uses my Generalist 4-8 that I am qualified for. Once I am officially certified, I can add as many endorsements that I want (ESL, GT, CT, etc.). For example, Christopher received his initial certification as a secondary math (9-12), but he later added Music EC-12 when he received his certification (he doesn't currently use either though, except I'm sure it works in his favor when he interviews to build his private lesson studio).

      Perhaps you know of some great links for me to check out in the meantime? :)

      We definitely failed at meeting this RenFest still an option!?

  2. PS: I assume you know that I "do" elearning for a living, so if you ever have any questions, etc... as I said, I think it would be a great fit for you. :o)